ISO 9001 /ISO 14001 /Directive 97/23/EC - PED

Stronach ™ Pneumatic Actuators

Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Pneumatic Actuators are available as heavy-duty double acting (DA) carbon steel pneumatic actuators and heavy duty spring return (SR) pneumatic actuators. Supply media for both of these actuators are filtered compressed air, inert gases and technical gas.

Stronach™-Flo Rotor Pump

Techno AC Supplies is proud to import a wide range of Stronach™Flo Rotor Pump for mine dewatering. These pumps are known as ‘Stronach™-Flo Pumps’ and are manufactured, assembled and tested in German. Stronach™-Flo helical rotor pumps are heavy duty positive displacement pumps exclusively designed for the harsh hypersaline water in the underground mining environment.

Stronach™ Split Body Ball Valves

Stronach ™ Split Body valves feature stainless steel and carbon steel ball valves to suit a wide range of applications, including extremely low temperatures down to -40° C.Suitable for use with intercepted fluids, including: air, water, gas, petroleum and petrochemical products and aggressive fluids.

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